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[20 Jul 2006|03:51am]
I found some old journals on here. Why do they keep journals on their server that haven't been updated since 2004? It's a puzzle to me, but some of the entries were so funny and pitiful that I almost peed myself. Here are some funny quotes from it:

"O.O It struck me with such surprise, that I almost choked on my rainbow trout."

"I awoke to the Proactiv infomercial, so I decided that I should go and dig up my Proactiv kit that I completely neglected since we moved into this house. All I have to say is WOW. My skin feels SO clean. ^^"

Usage: English, Biblical
Pronounced: JAH-shu-wa, JAW-shwa
From the Hebrew name Yehoshua which meant "YAHWEH is salvation". Joshua was one of the twelve spies sent into Canaan by Moses in the Old Testament. After Moses died Joshua succeeded him as leader of the Israelites. The name Jesus was a variant of the name Joshua.

Oh yeah.

I rock."

"She's moving in because her no good husband is in jail for crack. She should be in there too because she did crack, too."

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Wow.. [20 Mar 2005|07:21pm]
I don't know why I acitvated this thing again. I am so bored that I am sure that I would spurt teddy grahams at the ceiling..much like Homestar Runner. Damn, I miss that website. I need to go to that when I get home.

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[08 Nov 2004|06:42pm]

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[04 Nov 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I apologize to all of those, if there are any, who actually check on this and read it when I do update. I barely update anymore because Livejournal is a bitch and it's only easy to update on at 3 in the morning. :D Only a loser like me would actually know that. :sigh: Life has been going pretty well lately. I got to see Angelica again! I last saw her towards the end of the summer. On Election Day I went to the voting poll set up at Hening Elementary. I worked at the Kerry table! ^^ There were loads of Democrats there, but the Republicans that were there were so rude to me. This one woman took a Democratic Sample Ballot and balled it, spitting hateful things such as, "I don't want that trash." and "Even if Kerry wins, I still hate you."

All of that is not needed. There are already too many problems in the world to be dealing with than to have Democrats and Republicans fighting. I was just a volunteer. What a bitch.

Anywhoways, I can't wait for the weekend! I have so much stuff planned and I am happy that I'm going to see my mother on saturday. *smiley face*

Catch you on the flip side.

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[28 Oct 2004|11:03pm]
The stars penetrate your transparent figure, leaving nothing but dancing rainbows upon my face.
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[25 Oct 2004|10:09pm]
My life has officialy ended...

I really want to get Final Fantasy X-2 this friday. My dad and I agreed that if I help around the house this week, he will give me the money to go out and get it. (If I get a pre-played version, I an save the rest for something else. Possibly FFX!) I don't know what my problem is lately..I'm not obssessed with Final Fantasy, I just want a game that I know I will enjoy playing because all of my PS2 games have become extremely boring. :\ I still hope I can get the game after he sees my interim...

If not, then I suppose I can ask my grandmother to get it for me. :\ Once again....

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[20 Oct 2004|10:01pm]
I have gone mad. I mean it this time. Well, not insane, but I think you get my delicious drift. :wink: I am in SERIOUS need of male attention. Of course, there are the normal "crushes" and "hot guys", but I never have the confidence to actually go up to somebody and begin having a conversation with them without making myself look like a COMPLETE and TOTAL idiot.

I'm lost.


Wink wink, Heather. ^^

The one who owns this.

p.s. Why is my mood angry for my New York entry??
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[16 Oct 2004|09:05pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I'm in New York right now, at an Internet Cafe! I'm just sitting here, drinking my Iced Chai. ^^ Mmmm...Iced Chai is good!

I'll update more when I get back!I have PLENTY to tell!

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[26 Sep 2004|12:36am]
Mouth's Cradle

There is yet
another one
that follows me
wherever I go
and supports me
ah, this tooth is warmthlike
this tooth is warmthlike
this tooth is warmthlike

And these teeth
a ladder up to his mouth
all these teeth are a ladder
that I walk
that you can walk to
if you want
if you want, up to
the mouth, mouth's cradle
up to the mouth's cradle

He always has a hope for me
always sees me when nothing else
and everyone have left
can care
that ghost is brighter than anyone
and fulfills me with hope
those beams assure me

And you can use
these teeth
as a
ladder up to
mouths cradle
the mouths cradle
and you can follow
these notes I'm singing
up to the mouth's cradle
the mouth's cradle

The simplicity of the ghostlike beast
the purity of what he wants
and where it goes
always love
always loves you
always loves with : infrared love

And you can use
those teeth
as a ladder up to
mouth's cradle
mouth's cradle
you can use
those teeth
follow my voice
tooth by tooth
up to the
mouth's cradle
the mouth's cradle

I need a shelter to build an altar
away from all the Osama's and Bushes

I need a shelter to, to build an altar
away from all the Osama's and Bushes
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[20 Sep 2004|10:10pm]
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[19 Sep 2004|06:40pm]
Quiz Spree!!!!!!!!Collapse )
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[19 Sep 2004|06:21pm]
My birthday is tomorrow.

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[10 Sep 2004|04:10pm]
WOW! Livejournal actually works now...the last few times that I have tried to update, Livejournal said that the database is down.

Nothing to talk about, except that the weekend is here!
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[07 Sep 2004|05:44pm]
So, I'm pretty sure that the main topic at the moment is "How was my day at Manchester"...so, here it goes..

It started out well, I sat next to this really nice Indian girl (I swore up and down that she was Vishaka at first) and we talked on the whole way to the school, since my bus driver didn't know what the fuck she was doing, we were on the bus for about an hour. When we finally arrived at the school, and I felt like I was going to puke. Everybody and everything at that school is the same. Of course, you have the black people and the preppy girls and the "goths", but everybody was EXACTLY alike. It was quite scary...:shiver:...

I had to go to my homeroom today, so I sat in there for about an hour, listening to people have personal conversations, most of them about meeting famous singers and what not. Then, I headed on over to my first period, Biology! We had assigned seats, so I got over it quite quickly. I sit next to this really nice black girl. She was so kind, and we basically talked the entire class period. Next, I had Geometry! (Which was in a trailer......UGH!) The teacher was nice and assigned some EASY homework for us to do. On my way to my next class, History, I had pass through this intersection in the school where mostly the entire student body likes to pass through. WOW. THAT SUCKED. That should has so many more students than Meadowbrook, and it sucks because of that. It was like Meadowbrook on its busiest day times a million. :shakes head: Ahh..It was terrible... :(

Then, I had orchestra, which went well because I am in frist chair. :DANCE: We have four cellists, and the two that sit behind me kept saying really rude things about me and were basically jealous because they suck and I don't...They couldn't even tune their own instruments. I mean, it's pretty pitiful when you are in a high school orchestra and you can't even tune your own instrument!


x.x Manchester can suck my ass.

((EDIT))-- This is a double post. I also posted it on my Xanga because I really don't have the time right now to do two seperate entries. ;)
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^.^ [06 Sep 2004|02:50pm]
Went shopping...got 276.50 in clothes. Lots of new, smaller clothes! I didn't know that I wore 32 in pants and medium shirts. Haha. Me and my oversized clothes. :\

I love my new clothes. They are so cute!

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...... [06 Sep 2004|09:30am]
Are there evil llamas from Mars in my house, or is that my dad and his gross girlfriend trying to have sex?

Haha. Think I pissed them off.

What? You don't like "Everybody Dance Now"?!



School tomorrow.
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[05 Sep 2004|01:15pm]
My dad took me out to eat last night at O'Charley's. All I have to say about that place is that their music selection is quite broad. ^^ I remember walking in, hearing "Vindicated", sitting down and listening to "Love is a Battlefield", getting my food to "Concrete Angel", and leaving with "The Rock Show". The food was good and all, and my dad and I talked. He said something that surprised me, though. He told me that if Debbie doesn't stop with her attitude, he'll leave her.

O.O It struck me with such surprise, that I almost choked on my rainbow trout. (^.^) He told me that we wouldn't have any furniture, but he did say that my TV, stereo, and my computer (both of them) would go with us. Also, the refrigerator and the kitchen table and chairs are his, along with the receiver with all of the speakers and the big TV. Wow. That would be great if we moved, and I was able to go to Meadowbrook. ^^

I don't think that would ever happen, though.

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[04 Sep 2004|11:22pm]
HAHAHACollapse )
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... [04 Sep 2004|01:32pm]
This sucks. School starts on tuesday...I have my schedule but I don't know how the hell I am going to get around that school. I don't know where ANYTHING is...

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[02 Sep 2004|01:46pm]
Hello to all who read this.

Today is going to be a very bad day. First, I have to go outside and cut the grass soon, then get ready for my Manchester orientation. Going to this school is going to fuck up my life. I don't think my father even notices that he is taking me out of classes were molding my future.

Bah. x.x

When I can't get into a good college, it's his fault.

Ha. :points: Your fault!
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